The most sought after female shape has always been the hourglass figure.  This is where there is a perfect balance of wide hips and bust that contrasts starkly with a very narrow waist that produces the classic sexy curvy look.  Some of the sexiest film stars of recent times like  Marilyn Monroe, Scarlet Johansson and Rita Hayworth to Kim Kardashian were this shape.  However, in contrast most cross dressers  transgender  shape more like an upside down triangle or rectangle, with wider shoulders no defined waist or hips.

As the TG Forum put it.  “Unless we are on estrogen which will cause the body to store excess fat in the buttocks, hips, and thighs, we simply do not possess the curves and contours of a female body. I have seen too many beautifully dressed cross dressers who belie the female image because of their flat butts. The sight of instant broad hips is a giveaway sign of a female.”

How to achieve the female hourglass figure?

It is possible to achieve an hourglass figure by wearing body shaping additions such as foam hips pads, padded pants or best of all Silicone hip pads. This might sound complicated but I hope here to be able to unravel what the main benefits of each item are and what is best for your needs.

 Foam Hip pads

These are available in 2 sizes;  medium or large.  These are the cheapest option, most lightweight  and can be moved around the hips for best-fit COMING SOON

Padded Pants

These are available in 4 sizes and affordable to those on a budget.  The advantage with these is they are easily put on just like pants.  The disadvantage is the pads are sewn in so can’t be moved around More Info

 Silicone Hip pads

These come in small, medium or large sizes.  They are  easiest the most realistic hip shapers with a natural feel and weight they can be attached directly to the skin More Info

 360 Hip pads

These have the similar advantages to silicone hip pads (above) they have a  realistic feel and weight but with the added benefit of adding instant shape to both hip and bum More Info