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Big Girl Bladder Vee Female Vagina Prosthesis


  • EUR: € 177.11 - € 203.81

Big Girl Bladder Vee Female Vagina Prosthesis is  designed with big labia for bigger trans girls

is available in 4 sizes up to 50″ waist

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Big Girl Bladder Vee female Prothesis is a product launched at the request of many customers, we are now able to offer the Big Girl Bladder Vee with a urinating bladder function. It is similar to the bladder we have been selling for many years. It glues behind the pubic hair to become one with the latex. You may see some of the seams on the outside, especially with the clean shaven or other small hairstyles.

Big Girl Vee has been designed with extra large labia and a vagina twice the size of the other Vee-Strings. It is larger than our other Vee-Strings and is designed for those who have a waist size of 36 inches or more. The vagina is about 4 inches in length with an opening of about 3.75 inches. Penetration will be easier and it will hold you in place with ease and keep your feminine illusion complete. If you’re looking for a good camel toe, this one will work.


As always, it will take some time and adjusting to get it right for you. This is a huge part of the fun factor. We recommend you be relaxed when you are using your Vee-String. Moreover, water based lubricant and/or talcum powder are two items which can aid in the use of your Vee-String. Once you have worn it awhile, the latex will become soft and supple, you can trim it to fit you like a glove.

Here’s some information we give you with the instructions included in the Vee-String.

Care & Handling:

This product is made of 100% latex rubber. After use, wash with mild soap and towel dry. When not in use, dust with powder and store in a cool, dry area. This will increase the integrity of the product for a longer life.

ONLY A WATERBASE LUBRICANT, SUCH AS K-Y IS TO BE USED WITH THIS PRODUCT. AVOID USE OF PETROLEUM-BASED LOTIONS, SOLVENTS, SOAPS, MAKE-UP, OR FOOD PRODUCTS SUCH AS OILS OR BUTTERS Avoid use of petroleum based lotions or solvents. Avoid direct sunlight which may cause tanning of the latex. The V-String Vagina is designed to completely hide everything necessary to allow your Secret lady to emerge and make your transformation complete. Sold as a novelty only

Sues Tip

These items are Special Order custom hand crafted items so only please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery


Additional information

Vee hair colour option

Auburn, Black, Brown, Brunette, Clean Shaven, Gold Blonde, Red, Strawberry Blonde

Vee Hair Style

Hair style #1, Hair style #2, Hair style #4, Hair style #5, Har style #3, Regular Natural

Vee Size Options

Extra Large – 43"-50" (109-127 cm), Large – 37"-42" (94-107cm), Medium – 30"-36" (76-91cm), Small – 26″- 29" (66-73 cm)

Extra hairy vee string Hairstyle 6 ??

No, Yes