About Us Fantasy Girl – Lacies

Fantasy Girl was founded back in 1994 by Sue Sheppard who already had a wealth of experience organizing Transgender & Fetish events in south east England. which had  culminated in a trans fashion show attended by hundreds of excited guests.

She was constantly being asked for specialist clothing so decided to start from home Fantasy Girl.

By a stroke of luck Sue whilst raising money the office next door was a UK Government agency eventually Fantasy Girl was born aided by a small  UK government grant which kept us afloat in those early tricky days. By 1995 we were trading on the Net – we were one of the first online stores – and ever since that we have gone from strength to strength. In 1998 we opened our first shop where we added the name Lacies in Folkestone, Kent, England.

Our original  website which is still running fantasygirl.co.uk was relaunched and the company doubled in size in October 2009.  With the increased use of mobile phones we felt it was a good idea to have a website that was mobile friendly thus fantasy shopping was born. This site is constantly updated to give you the widest range of transgender and sexy products and we strive on rapid delivery.

Throughout our existence our motto has been to help serve the transgendered and others of the community without the prejudice which they often experience in other shops, at work, etc.