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Fantasyshopping have been selling false breasts and breast forms to the cross dressers and the trans community since 1995 both online and in our physical stores in the UK.

Unilke the majority of suppliers we are actually a transgender owned business and know exactly what Crossdressers and transgender girls are looking for and can offer suitable advice if required.  This experience has helped us brings you our carefully selected range of Breast Forms designed to fit every requirement of the trans and cross dressing spectrum.  From those just wanting their first breast forms to more experience transgender girls who want to attach silicone breast forms to their chest.

For those who want somewhere in the middle we offer NEARLY ME SO SOFT Siliconebreasts an extremely comfortable option. These can be adapted to be worn without a breast using Hollister adhesive  medical spray .

Recently we have been repeately asked if we can supply Breast Plates, so luckily enough those fantastyic craftsmen at DIVINE COLLECTION have created superb ATHENA BREASTPLATE


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