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Pals Raindrops breast enhancers with nipples


  • EUR: € 70.00

Pals Raindrops great va lue for money breasts with nipples

indstructable value for money breasts by PALS Supergel USA

In stock April 2020


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Pals Raindrops are smaller than the regular PALS  also known as RD3 Level 3  are an instant way of increasing your breast size to a D cup. These are proba;by the most indestructable breastforms in the world and can be used to sleep wearing them or even being active going out playing speort. However we do recommend wearing them in one of our superb Transform Bras . By inserting them nito the pocket they stay safe and secure for as long as you want to wear them. If you active in your fun play don’t worry these won’t ever leak


Raindrops, can be worn by AA-C Cups. Come in 2 different sizes.  Level 2: RD2 Weighs 0.495 g and Level 3: RD3  weights 0.695


These are wider but smaller than PALS TR regular size breast forms Raindrops Level 2 0.Level  3   pair weighs 0.695 Level 2  a pair weighs weight 0.495


we have these in stock as of April 2nd but due to the current emergency are not sure when we will next be getting fresh stocks


Manufacturer: Supergel International, Inc

Additional information


Level 2 a pair weighs 0.495 grams, Level 3 a pair weighs 0.695 grams


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