Cette Paris Plus Size Lace top Hold Ups


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Cette Paris Plus Size Lace Top Hold Ups available in Black or Tendresse (Natural)

Really recommend for the bigger girl to avoid that finishing halfway up the leg feeling.

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Cette Paris Plus Size Lace Top Hold Ups. These have a wonderfully deep lace top, which is exquisitely decorated with a wide floral lace panel and Lycra top. This sultry design features transparent reinforced toes and a glossy satin finish for an elegant, luscious style. These are excellent for both transgender women and cross dressing men as well as larger ladies. As they are more durable and longer but still sassy and sexy for intimate occasions.

Denier: 20 semi sheers

Made of: : 90% Polyamide/Nylon, 10% Elastane


Hold ups have overtaken stockings as the popular item sold to natural and transgender women as well as crossdressers in our shop. Our customers inform us they like them because they can be easily put on in a car say on a way to a meeting with a date.

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Black, Natural


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