Hairfree permanent hair remover starter kit – 75 ml 2.5 fl oz tube

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Hairfree Lotion that removes hair and slows down regrowth for men and women ideal for transvestites, transgendered and crossdressers.


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Hairfree permanent hair remover starter kit. Is a cream that treats the hair roots to give you permanent hair removal.

HairFree is a quick and easy way to eliminate unwanted hair. This unique formula dissolves surface hair and neutralizes hair roots to prevent any further growth!!

HairFree Hair Removal

Budget-friendly, painless, fast and effective, HairFree Hair Removal cream covers all bases effectively. The simple cream can be applied anywhere on the body and immediately gets to work dissolving the protein in the hairs. As well as putting the follicle to rest to ensure it can’t grow any more hairs in the future. One of the best transgender hair removal options. HairFree doesn’t leave behind any stubble – in fact, hairs grow in lighter and sparser after the first treatment! The method is also much faster than electrolysis or laser hair removal – it takes around 8 weeks to complete a full course, and by that time many of the follicles will have been totally neutralized! If permanent hair removal is not an option then please try Andre for those times you can go hairfree


Both removes hair and prevents regrowth

Ideal for both, men and women

Works for 90% of users

Does not work on a male beard


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