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Hydro Make-up Remover 100 mls


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Hydro Make-up Remover 100 mls is a cleansing oil that removes make-up easily.

Skin compatibility dermatological approved.



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Hydro Make-up Remover 100 mls  is a cleansing oil that removes cream make-up easily. Massage evenly into the skin. The Hydro Make-up Remover Oil dissolves the make-up from the skin. Rinse off with warm water. After removal the skin is clean and feels smooth. Skin compatibility dermatological approved.

How to use

Dampen cotton pads with Kryolan Hydro Make-up Remover Oil and hold on the skin for a few seconds before working in circular motions to penetrate the surface of the foundation. Once the make-up begins to break down repeat with clean cotton pads, damp with Hydro Make-up Remover Oil, and work in sweeping strokes following the shape of the face starting in from the centre and moving out. Once all make-up has been removed rinse off with warm water and pat the face dry with a clean towel.

Details: 100 ml
Product code: 01611/00

For use with our Basic Make Up kit


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