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Kryolan TV Paint Stick Foundation


  • EUR: € 17.20

Strong foundation hides beard shadow and other imperfections

Most popular seller for pale UK T girls is 4W


Before use apply Perfect Matt this will make it easier for it to spread evenly

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Kryolan TV Paint Stick Foundation is a  high-quality foundation superb for transgender and cross dressing men to hide beard shadow effectively.

It is easy to use and comes in a metal tube keep which you can keep in your hand bag for essential use. To apply you can either use a  makeup brush or your fingers applying directly over face for areas with heavy beard shadow several applications may be necessary. To get the best out of Kryolan TV Stick we recommend that you apply beforehand a primer such as Kryolan HD Micro Primer or Kryolan Perfect Matt this will make it easy to apply and prevent clogging. For those of you who want to cover that 5 o’clock beard shadow is to mix with Dermacolor D32 to create the best coverage.


Easy to use for a flawless finish

Comes in a number of shades to match your skin colour

Will last a long time

Easily portable for emergency touching up if needed



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Weight 0.065 kg

9w, 1w, 2w, 3w, 4w, 5w, 6w, D32, GG


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