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T Range fibre Wig Holding Spray


  • EUR: € 6.36

T Range fibre Wig Holding Spray 250 ml bottle water-based hair spray designed specifically for fibre Wigs.


As this is a spray it cannot be sent outside of the UK by air mail. If you want this product please contact us at to discuss options/

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T Range fibre Wig Holding Spray 250 ml bottle is perfect for styling artificial hair both full wigs and hairpieces.

How to Use

Apply holding the pump spray 12-15″ away from the wig, or hairpiece. This spray will hold in place, but will still allow for natural movement  Spray evenly and allow to dry. This Trendco spray has a gentle hold formula. To avoid build-up wash or brush regularly.  Combine with Fibre Wig Shampoo and T Fibre Soft n Sheen

Sue’s Tip

Perfect to hold back that annoying piece of stray hair keeps getting in your eyes or even worse your food or drink.


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