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Unisex underbust Corset

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Axfords underbust Unisex style satin corset they are 33 cms long just under the bust helping the breasts to stand out more whilse pulling the waist in available from fantasygshopping whilst stocks last

pulls the wearer in by up to 4 inches

Stock as Jan 27 2022

White  in 24″(61 cm), 38″, 40″ (102cm)

White only


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Unisex underbust fully boned satin corset by Axfords Corset company of Brighton, England  limited stock available item due to factory closing, first come first served whilst stocks last.

Review of C510

It is a simple, functional and stirdy “underbust” corset. The materials used (satin fashion fabric, 2nd layer is cotton twill, 2x 1.25 inch wide flat steel busk, 4x 3/8 inch thick flat steel bones for the back lacing, 10 single spiral steel bones, 2×19 silver split grommets) are or reasonable quality. The workmanship is solid and without fail.


Each Corset is handmade in Brighton, England  by Axfords Corset Company.  This is a unique company, which mixes Victorian traditions with modern technology to
supply corsets worldwide. They are a privately owned family business which is over 125 years old, making high quality corsets since the Victorian era. They pride themselves on the quality of their garments with all corsets are made in their UK factory, each corset is made from start to finish by one of their highly skilled corsetieres.


Stock as May 17th 2019

24″, 26″, 28″ ,30″,38″, 40″

White only

Additional information

Size of Corset required (waist)

24 inch (51 cm), 38", 40" (112cm)