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Soft n Sheen Fibre Wig Conditioner


  • EUR: € 6.36

Soft n Sheen Fibre Wig Conditioner is a 250 ml spray bottle leave in wig conditioner will revitalise your Wig


As this is a spray it cannot be sent by air mail

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Soft n Sheen Fibre Wig Conditioner this is a  leave in wig conditioner which will revitalise your Wig.  Even if you are are wearing it on a night out there is not need to remove it just spray and brush.  Use as part of your aftercare package in conjunction with T range fibre Wig Shampoo.

How to use

Lightly spray a small amount periodically to keep your wig in tip top condition.

Sue’s Tip

Buying a wig is THE most important part of a convincing he to she transformation. It is, therefore, vital that you look after your wig while soft n sheen can be used regularly it is only necessary to shampoo every so often. If you have a curly or permed hair avoid like the plague heavy brushing of tangles. This will only make the hair more frizzy and shorten the life of the wig.


As this item is an aerosol we cannot post to non-UK addresses


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