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Berdita Lacey Underwired Bra


  • EUR: € 25.00

Most sizes available for 28 or 48 hour delivery

Available in Colours : Black,White or Beige

Available in Bra sizes 38 to 48 cup sizes B C D DD E F FF and G

No beige 44B  and No 38F Black  December 6th , 2023

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT This  Berdita Company has closed

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Berdita Lacey Underwired Bra is  a very popular underwired bra available in Beige, White, Black. The top half of the cups is made with a beautiful lace detail, has a dainty bow in the middle and this bra will give a wonderful shape. Special feature is the side sling shaping to support and project the breast forward rather than under the arm. The bra has stretch in it so it is very accommodating. In our experience these bras can hold most breastforms our range of breastforms are here however to guarantee the breastforms stay secure we recommend our transform see through pocket bra 

See briefs pages for matching briefs & thongs. In many sizes from petite to plus sizes. An all round beautiful collection which will give a perfect fit.

Whilst we try to keep most sizes in stock it is not always possible there may be a little delay ocasionally whilst we get your item in allow 2-3 days.

Berdita Lacey Underwired Bra is Available in Colours :

Black,White or Beige

Available in Bra sizes

38 to 48 cup sizes B C D DD E F FF G    

Also available Berdita briefs to match these bras

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT This  Company is closing as of March 2022 

Measuring for Bra Size

It is very easy to fit a bra but not so easy to fit it PROPERLY. It is often quoted that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. An incorrectly fitted bra can cause problems with posture, back strain and of course appearance. There are 2 methods for checking your bra size – why not try both and see how they compare? Hopefully they will be the same!

Method 1

First of all select one of your existing bras that fits you the best and put it on. You will need to check your existing bra label size to help you choose the correct size if you have the following problems with your old bra.

  • If the cups overflow order one cup size larger.
  • If you don’t fill the cups order one cup size smaller.
  • If the back of the bra rides up at the back (it should be level all the way round) then order one back size smaller.
  • If the bra is too tight & cuts in then order one back size larger.

Method 2

Follow the steps below to measure yourself and please remember whilst doing so to avoid wearing push up bras.

Step 1 – Underbust measurement

Measure under the bust tightlyMeasure over the bust looselyWhilst wearing a bra measure around the body under the bust tightly.

  • If the measurement is an even number add on an extra 4″
  • If the measurement is an odd number add on an extra 5″
E.g. 28″+4″= back size is 32″
27″+5″= back size is 32″

Step 2 – Overbust measurement

Measure the fullest part of your bust loosely & subtract your underbust measurement from your overbust measurement.

No difference = A Cup
1″ more = B Cup
2″ more = C Cup
3″ more = D Cup
4″ more = DD Cup
5″ more = E Cup
6″ more = F Cup
7″ more = FF Cup
8″ more = G Cup
9″ more = GG Cup

For example:
If the underbust measurement is 28″ + 4″ = Back size 32
If the overbust measurement is 36″, then less 32″ = 4″ which is Cup size DD
So the correct bra size should be 32DD

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Additional information

Berdita Bra Sizes in stock

beige 38B, beige 38D, beige 38DD, beige 40B, beige 40d, beige 42C, beige 42D, Beige 42GG, Beige 44C, Beige 44DD, Beige 44FF, Black 38B, black 38c, black 38D, black 38DD, Black 38E, Black 38GG, black 40B, black 40c, black 40D, black 40f, black 40G, black 40GG, black 42B, black 42C, black 42D, black 42E, Black 42FF, Black 44DD, Black 44E, Black 44F, Black 44FF, Black 44G, Black 44GG, Black 46D, Black 46DD, Black 46E, Black 46F, Black 46FF, Black 46G, Black 48C, Black 48D, Black 48E, Black 48F, Black 48FF, Black 48G, white 38B, White 38c, white 38D, white 38E, White 38FF, White 38G, white 40b, white 40D, white 42B, white 42D, White 44DD


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