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TRANSFORM See through Pocket Bra


  • EUR: € 30.00

The TRANSFORM  See through  CD TV  pocket Bra, has lightweight inner pockets to help hold breast forms in place for added security.

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TRANSFORM  See through  CD TV  pocket Bra has two pockets for inserting of breast forms whose nipples will show through

Sheer outer fabric allows the forms to be seen through the outer cup. Lightweight inner pockets help hold breast forms in place for added security. Wide satiny elastic straps and a wide-cut band under the arms offer great support for the weight of the breast forms. Molded stretch cups can accommodate several breast form sizes; eg. 40C bra fits size 6, 7, or 8 breast form.


The most comfortable way to wear a breast form is inside a pocket bra. A pocket bra’s cups have two layers, and the breast form is worn in between.

Step 1: Measure Your Band Size

Place a tape measure under your arms and measure your chest circumference just above the breasts. The tape measure should be about the level where your bra straps meet the bra.

This measurement is your BAND SIZE. (Note: If the measurement is an odd number, round down to the nearest even number.)

Step 2: Measure Your Bust Size

Stand up tall and measure across the fullest part of your bust. The tape measure should be parallel to the floor and shouldn’t be too tight or too loose.

This is your BUST SIZE. (Note: If the measurement is between inches, round up to the nearest inch.)

Step 3: Calculate Your Cup Size

Subtract your band size (from Step 1) from your bust size (from Step 2) and check the Blue shaded Size Chart (left) to determine your cup size:

Bra measuring unlike physics isn’t an exact science its always best to come into our shop for a bra fitting.

Additional information

Weight 0.235 kg

34b, 34c, 34d, 36a, 36b, 36c, 36d, 36dd, 38a, 38b, 38c, 38d, 38dd, 40a, 40b, 40c, 40d, 40dd, 42b, 42c, 42d, 44b, 44c, 44d, 44dd, 46b, 46c, 46d


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