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new ultra realistic 360 Silicone Hip pads


  • EUR: € 199.36

These new ultra realistic 360 Silicone Hip pads-front and back  combine hips, thigh and bottom all in one to provide a great female enhancing shape. Designed so they can be worn under short skirts and go undetected.  We do suggest using Hollister or Staysput


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New-ultra-realistic-360-Silicone-Hip-pads. Due to popular demand, we have now stock Hip Pads for the bum and hip area. Each pad is approximately 40 x 20 cm and the pair will add around 4 inches to the measurement of this area. We’ve also made them with a shorter tail which works fantastic with really short mini skirts. Unlike our standard Hip Pads, the 360 effects all views including the side.

New ultra realistic 360 Silicone Hip pads:

Are made to stick to the skin, but for added strength and hold, we suggest using Hollister adhesive too.



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