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Vee string Bladder


  • EUR: € 230.00 - € 250.00

Vee string Bladder wearable latex vagina allowing wear to use toilet as a female comes in several sizes for the perfect fit.

Small – 26″- 29″
Medium – 30″- 36″
Large – 37″- 42″
X-Large – 43″- 50″

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Vee string Bladder Completes the feminine illusion. To do this, it has an inner funneling pocket for the penis. On the interior of the artificial vagina there is a urethra opening, making it anatomically correct. This allows urination in a sitting position as a female without removal or adjustment. The Pocket V-String is made of pure liquid latex rubber which is hand brushed into a mold with up to twelve coats for each of the custom made products. There are three to four different colors of tinted latex in each product. The hair is sewn on by hand and adhered to the back with liquid latex. A quality latex rubber vagina.

Main features:

Realistic external appearance
Can be worn comfortably for hours
Has a opening where penetration is possible
Can go to the toilet wearing it
Hides penis inside easily showing no external bulges

Q: How do you fit your penis into the Bladder ?

A: The “Bladder” is equipped with a hole for the penis. Stretch the hole allowing insertion of your penis as far down as possible. Your penis will be held in place. Your penis does not have to reach the bottom of the “Bladder” it is designed not to leak and the urine will be released appropriately. If needed, you can trim the opening larger with sharp scissors, do this in very small increments. Make sure to leave a smooth edge when cutting.

Q:How  do you care for your Vee String ?

It is made of 100% latex rubber. After each use, wash with mild soap and water, then towel dry. The hair is synthetic and excess brushing will pull the hair and straighten it, so it is better to pick (with a hair pick) the hair rather than brush it. We also suggest dusting the V string with talcum powder and storing it in a cool dry area when not in use. Use only water based lubricants with this product, as petroleum, oils, butters and solvents will soften and damage the latex. Avoid leaving the V String in direct sunlight. If you find it necessary to trim the edges after wearing it for a period of time, you can do so carefully with a pair of scissors.

*Are ALL SPECIAL ORDER and may take up to 28 days for delivery. If for any reason you cancel we will charge 10% of the total as a cancellation fee.

Q: Can the Bladder Vee-String™ vagina be penetrated?

A: Yes. They are modeled to the size of an adult female vagina and can be penetrated by an average adult male penis. However, there is no canal or sleeve to accommodate the penis. There is just a slit in the bottom of the vagina. The latex memory allows it to stretch and return to a normal size. Treat it as you would any female vagina…with tenderness.

Q: How do you go to the toilet while wearing the Vee String ?

Simply disconnect the gaff string and reattach it afterwards

Q: Can I get a Vee to match my Skin Tone

A: Yes. The best thing to do is to go to a craft store near you and look at the small bottles of Acrylic paint (brand names DecoArt by Americana or Ceramcoat by Delta).  There should be a wide array of colors. Choose one that would best match the skin tone just above your pubic area. Write the color and brand name down.  E-mail us with your order and the color and we’ll make the product for you.  If there is not a craft store near you, you have two options…you can either snail mail us a color sample of the appropriate makeup foundation on a piece of paper, or send us a picture out of a magazine with the color circled and we’ll match it as closely as possible. There is an additional charge of £40 and there will be a delay on custom colors.

Shipping Information:
Each item is entirely CUSTOM MADE for the wearer so therefore please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. We do keep some in stock in our UK depot contact us at for details.


Additional information

Weight 0.045 kg
Vee hair colour option

Auburn, Black, Brown, Brunette, Clean Shaven, Gold Blonde, Red, Strawberry Blonde

Vee Hair Style

Clean Shaven, Hair style #1, Hair style #2, Hair style #4, Hair style #5, Har style #3, Regular Natural

Vee Size Options

Extra Large – 43"-50" (109-127 cm), Large – 37"-42" (94-107cm), Medium – 30"-36" (76-91cm), Small – 26″- 29" (66-73 cm)

Extra hairy vee string Hairstyle 6 ??

No, Yes


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