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Staysput Adhesive Body Tape – pack 40 strips


  • EUR: € 4.90

Staysput adhesive tapes pack of 40 tapes are ideal  for making sure breast forms stick to the skin as well as useful in helping stay up stockings or socks don’t fall down.



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Staysput Adhesive Body Tape – pack of 40 strips is ideal for attaching garments directly to the skin

Supplied in boxes of 40 strips and suitable for all high grip tape applications this is ideal for using as extra support when attaching silicone breasts to the skin so you can go braless


Adhere Breast Enhancers.

Prevents Hold Ups From Slipping.

Conceal Bra Straps.

Easy to carry hand bag size.

Close Blouse Gaps.

Repair Temporary Emergency Garment Repairs.

NEW: Resealable Packaging!

Will Secure Most Garments directly to your body or fabric to fabric:
Body Jewellery Diamante, temporary tattoos, theatre effects etc.


As well as sticking edges of breast forms to skin these are also useful to ensure stay up stockings or socks don’t fall down.


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