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Transform Double sided Adhesive Tapes


  • EUR: € 17.80


Double-sided ataching tape – pack of 12  double sided kidney shaped strips

This double-side tape will keep silicon forms securely in place, it is easy to use is recommended mainly for the Nearly Me Silicones

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Transform Double sided Adhesive Tapes  are small curved kidney shaped  individual patches designed especially to stick silicone breast forms or enhancers to the wearer chest . These are ideal for transgendered women, transvestites and cross dressing men and have the added advantage of which not only allowing the skin to breath but are comfortable to wear.

How to Use
It is recommended that you wash your chest area thoroughly and then dry. It is a good idea to remove any body hair for best adhesion. Get your double sided patch first remove the backing from one side and peel off the back and then place the sticky side on the back of the silicone breast form. After wearing carefully remove tape form the back of the breast form and wash the backing.


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