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Double-Sided Breastform adhesive Tape kit


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12 double sided re-usable tapes and 24 skin tac wipes – both are usable to save money and get good adhesion for wearing silicones braless

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Double-Sided Breastform adhesive Tape Kit
AT LAST! Go braless without messy sprays and difficult removal. Our V tapes are a simple, safe and secure way to make any* silicone breast form attachable. Our hypoallergenic, double sided medical adhesive tapes, hold breast forms and enhancers securely in place. Breast forms are easily removed, leaving no residue. Triple Stick Double Sided Tapes adhere three ways:
The first action of the tape adhesive easily adheres breast forms or breast enhancers to your chest.
The tapes are pressure sensitive. The firmer you press the breast form or breast enhancer against your chest, the better it will adhere.
The adhesive is also heat sensitive, becoming stronger as it warms to your body temperature for the security you need.





Not all breast forms are designed to be used with tapes. Unless otherwise stated, all of our forms can be used with tapes. Use caution when removing tapes from forms or damage may result. We cannot be responsible for damage caused to forms by use of tape.

If Skin irritation caused by the use of the tapes is very rare. If irritation does occur, discontinue use of the tapes. Skin Tac Wipes were originally designed to help tape adhere better and provide a protective barrier against irritation from tapes. If you see that redness or a rash may be starting, rest the skin for a few days. Try tapes again, but before applying tapes to your body, wipe the area with the Skin Tac Wipes. Allow the area that was wiped to dry, then apply the tapes.

This product is made in Canada





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