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XXL Pals E Cup Triangles Breasts


  • EUR: € 120.15

XXL Pals E Cup Triangles Breasts

a pair weight 3 kgs each form weight approximately 1.5 kg



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XXL Pals E Cup Triangles Breasts are the largest size that PALS non silicone breasts come in . Depending upon the werer these come up as DD or even an E Cup.  PALS Breast forms are a safe non silicone gel that weighs the same as nautrla breasts and has the same lifelike wobble like the real thing.

The difference between PALS Breasts and conventional Silicone breast forms is that unlike silicone breasts they do not comecovered in plastic so have a more realisitc feel to them . They are also much cheaper than other brands of breastforms and more longer lasting also. Likewise these cannot be punctured or damaged by pins and won t leak silicone fi they are punctured.

XXL Pals E Cup Triangles Breasts Summary

Weighs and feels just  like the real thing

Jiggles in a bra like natural breasts

Cannot be punctured unlike Silicone gel breast forms

Will pick up colour from clothing be cafeful whn wearing with bold colours

Keep away from very hot temparture





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