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Divine Collection Aphrodite Self-Adhering Breast Forms


  • EUR: € 453.90 - € 480.60

Divine Collection Aphrodite Self-Adhering Silicone no membrane Breast Forms superb quality in a range of sizes and nipple colours to suit every trans girl.
This means they don’t look as if they are in a plastic bag, unlike most other breast forms.

Cinnamon nipple option in  Vanilla skin tone ONLY XL and XXXL in stock as of April 26th 2022


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Divine Collection Aphrodite Self-Adhering Breast Forms, as the name suggests are truly superb quality silicone breasts which are handcrafted especially for the Divine Collection. These look and feel totally realistic, see my video on this to judge for yourself.  They also have realistic feeling and looking nipples & areola.  The added bonus is that they are self-adhering breast forms which can also be worn with a non-pocketed bra. The Tapered edges blend to the body, innovative design and are safe to sleep in. We do not however recommend they be put in a pocket bra.

Divine Collection Aphrodite Breast Forms Custom Hand Made

Handcrafted by skilled artisans just for you, Aphrodite breasts are very soft, very realistic breast forms from Divine Collection. These breast forms fit left and right for a more natural fit and feel like real skin. Tapered edges help create a more natural appearance. The slightly concave back fits most body types.

Self-adhesive backing creates a more natural feeling when worn in a bra Unique “no-membrane” skin means the breast forms cannot burst, making Aphrodite breasts safe to sleep in. Warms to your body for the most natural experience. Fits left and right, which adds fullness towards the underarm and making shoulders appear smaller. One year warranty against manufacturers’ defects. Discreet storage box included Includes a FREE Care Kit.

Divine Collection Aphrodite Self-Adhering Breast FormsAvailable in 3 Different Nipple Options

Cinnamon in the colour we keep in stock Rose and Chocolate options ALLOW at least a month for delivery

Now available in different Skin Tones

We can now offer Divine Collection Aphrodite Self-Adhering Breast Forms in  different skin tones Vanilla, the standard skin tone  which is kept in stock. but Caramel and Chocolate skin tone Aphrodite are available as a special order item only. .

PLEASE NOTE As these are special order items and you need to allow one month at least for delivery. These are a Special Order item and as such are unreturnable.

Keep your Aphrodite Self Adhesive Breasts Clean with Breast wash

Cleaning your Aphrodite Quality Breastforms is essential to for preserve the breasts in ggod condition  . Regular cleaning (before and after every use) helps to ensure the longevity of your breast forms. This is why we recommend you also buy Divine Breast Wash

Returns and Exchanging Divine Collection Aphrodite Breast Forms

Being as Aphrodite breasts are handcrafted, luxury breast forms that are custom made at the time of your order, these breast forms cannot be returned or exchanged. Due to the self-adhesive backing, when the breast forms are attached and then removed from the skin, dead skin cells and oils are also removed. We are therefore unable to accept returns or exchanges on Aphrodite breast forms for hygienic reasons. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Sizes  XL and XXL Sizes  ONLY IN STOCK APRIL 2022 see size chart for full information.

Aphrodite Nipple are available in 3 Colours – see photos

Rose, a delicate pink, Cinnamon, our standard nipple colour and Chocolate, a rich, deep brown.

Testimonal from a Recent Customer Maxine Perfect who bought a small pair in late November 2020

Maxine has tried various breast forms over the years. Finally discovering the self adhesive Aphrodite breast forms
she says that “these are the finest breast forms I have ever had. They are so natural and I feel so confident wearing them,
especially when I am bra-less.
I have a smallish frame, at 1.78m I weigh only 70kg, so the Aphrodite small are just perfect for me and easily stay attached all day.
I do wear a sports bra for my gym work and when I go running, once again with complete confidence.
I can’t overstate how pleased I am with my Aphrodite breast forms. Try them, you will be amazed” There is no photoshopping applied to any of these images. (truly)

Click here to find out more about Maxine Perfect in Maxine Perfect A Girl About Town


Sue from Lacies (Fantasy Girl) shows a pair of Aphrodite Breast forms

Additional information


XLarge, XXXL

Aphrodite Nipple Colour

Aphrodite Skin Tone

Vanilla (as main photos)

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