Fantasy Girl in association with Lacies transgender store is proud to introduce a whole new range of Hair Free products each designed to get rid of a specific hair problem.  This includes  HairFree Growth Inhibitor (far left with bright green packet top) Gel for those of you that prefer a gel to a cream.

5 new hair free products

5 new types of Hair free

With the yellow top, we have the all new Intimate Hair Remover & Growth Inhibitor, which as its name suggests is specifically designed to work on sensitive pubic hair in both men and women.   Next to this in the photo with the distinctive pale Green green top is the all-new HairFree Male Body Hair Remover and Inhibitor. This product has been tested by our own Sue Sheppard I Have been using this for 2-3 weeks now and it most certainly removes arm, stomach and leg hair really well and the regrowth is a lot slower. Excellent for transgender use. There were no redness, a bit of a smell, which soon disappeared,  wiped it off with the spatula and wet wipes all the black hair came out Sue Sheppard owner 30th Sept 2017.

Hairfree permanant hair remover starter kit

hairfree lotion

Finally there is the Hairfree Male Beard Remover (blue box in photo) and then the Female Facial Hair remover (for removing light hair on the face most commonly found in females).

All these products will be put on this website for you to purchase. If they are not on here yet you can go to the Fantasy Girl website

Sue’s Comment

These are made to the usual high standard we expect from HairFree and we undoubtedly expect them to perform as well as the original HairFree cream still does. The original HairFree No 1 hair remover and active growth retardant is still available to buy form this website.


5 new types of Hair free